or centuries, Jews have turned to the Mourner’s Kaddish upon experiencing a loss. This revolutionary book explores what the recitation of Kaddish has meant specifically to women. With courage and generosity, 52 authors from around the world share their relationships with the family members they lost and what it meant to move on, how they struggled with the competing demands of childrearing, work, and grief, what they learned about tradition and themselves, and the particular challenges they confronted as women.

The collection shares viewpoints from diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and explores what it means to heal from loss and to honor memory in family relationships, both loving and fraught with pain. It is a precious record of women searching for their place within Jewish tradition, and exploring the connections that make human life worthwhile.


“The 52 essays in this book give women a voice and a place. Each one is a prize. We are all enriched by this volume.”
Ari L. Goldman, author of Living a Year of Kaddish and The Search for God at Harvard

“This is a groundbreaking work! I got teary-eyed in so many places, but I also laughed out loud in others. This book will surely help make a practice that is just coming into its own become a fixed ritual for all time.”
Blu Greenberg, author of On Women and Judaism



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